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We want everyone to have access to bespoke support to help them work sustainably.


  That's why we offer cost-effective consultancy packages to help you build strong foundations & grow profitable, sustainable businesses.  Our support goes beyond just reporting & advising - by sharing our knowledge we'll empower you & your team to become sustainability trail blazers.


Choose one of the packages below, or contact us to create something just for you.

    SUITABLE FOR Small brands, start-ups and designer-makers who want someone to help ensure they are creating a sustainable business from the outset. AIM To help you understand the potential impact of your business and put in place a strategy to work in the most sustainable way. CONTENT Through an online workshop we'll get to know your business plan, understand your values, map your products and ways of working, identify challenges and opportunities, and assess any knowledge gaps. Reviewing what we've learnt against the V&V Responsible Business Framework, we'll provide a follow up report with recommendations on how you could improve. We'll include examples from other brands and links to relevant suppliers and industry resources. COST Starting from £280
    SUITABLE FOR Established SME's with 1-2 years under their belt who want to improve their business practices but are not sure where to start. AIM To help you understand your impact on people and planet, put in place practical, measureable actions to improve the way you work, and build a more resilient business model. CONTENT We'll conduct a workshop with you and your team to understand your values and vision for a more sustainable business. We'll map your current business model and ways of working. Reviewing what we've learnt against the V&V Responsible Business Framework, we'll conduct a SWOT analysis and put together topline recommendations on areas you could focus on. We'll present our thoughts back to you, and work with you to create a practical, cost-effective action plan to help you achieve your goals. We'll bring ideas to life with examples from leading brands and provide links to relevant suppliers and industry resources. COST From £650
    SUITABLE FOR Any business with a problem they'd like to solve or an idea they would like to develop, which needs some sustainability expertise and an extra pair of hands. AIM To support you to bring to life new product ideas, systems, and supply chains, which improve the sustainability and profitability of your business. CONTENT We'll work with your team to understand an idea that you have or a challenge you want to overcome, and create a roadmap to bring it to life. We'll conduct research, test ideas and provide hands on support to get a new project up and running then put in place systems that allow your team to drive it forward. COST PoA


Add additional support to any of our packages.  We can work with you to:
  • Develop your Brand Sourcing Policy 

  • Develop a Supplier Code of Conduct 

  • Train staff to better understand social and environmental issues, sustainable materials and certification.

  • Provide ongoing ad hoc support.

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