It is difficult to trace the origin of the precious metals and stones used in jewellery.  When supply chains lack traceability they risk being exploited.  In stark contrast to jewellery's luxury image, the mining sector can be linked to human rights violations and destruction of the environment. 

Knowing who is in your supply chain and where your materials come from allows you to better manage your production and improve your brand integrity.  Being able to tell a meaningful story about the origin of your jewellery provides a way to engage your clients emotionally and can help differentiate your brand from competitors.


We tailor our support to your needs and work collectively to:

  • Set realistic targets to achieve commercial, social and environmental goals.

  • Review your supply chain, identify risks and put plans in place to address them.

  • Decide which accreditation schemes may be beneficial to your business and meet their requirements – including the Responsible Jewellery Council, Fairtrade, and Fairmined schemes.

  • Engage new suppliers or work with existing suppliers to source traceable materials for your products – with a focus on gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds

  • Create and implement strategies for new business development and sales growth

  • Train staff to effectively speak to customers about your company’s sustainability journey and tackle tricky questions

  • Bring your ethics to life in an engaging consumer message


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Small business support - We are developing a range of tools to support smaller businesses and designer makers to work more responsibly, and plan to offer a ‘virtual advisor’ package, where you can speak directly to an industry expert for support.  Drop us a line to register your interest.