Supply chains are complex, long and often transient.  Not knowing who, how, or where your products come from exposes you to risk and undermines the potential to meet your sustainability objectives.

Whether it’s the origin of the trees used to make your viscose or the location of the mines producing your precious metals, identifying and building trust with the people in your supply chain enables a better flow of information - giving you the opportunity to measure and improve your impact on people and planet.

The business case for developing transparency goes from strength to strength, being open to innovation and collaboration in the way you do business will enable you to harness its potential.


Through tailored consultancy services we work collectively with brands, suppliers, industry bodies & service providers to:

  • Engage partners/clients and build supply chains to pilot new ways of working.

  • Manage complex, multi stakeholder projects and align with wider industry requirements or legislation.

  • Carry out risk assessments by providing detailed sector specific reports on raw materials and countries of origin.

  • Build collaborative programmes to address product or sector specific issues.

  • Develop skills and tools to help you and your team understand and build transparency into your business.

  • Assess and deliver traceability systems to your business and extended supply chains.


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